About SFP

High-Quality, Energy Efficient Air Filters

Protect your Environment with SFP

SFP produce high quality, energy efficient air filters with low initial pressure drop, designed using the latest process technology to meet or exceed our customers exacting performance requirements.

Our clean air technology protects people, equipment and the environment, improving air quality and reducing pollution throughout the UK in business and industry, hotels, schools, hospitals, museums, airports and shopping centres.

Stringent quality control and innovative production methods result in a cost effective range of safe, non-toxic air filters excelling in operation by perfectly balancing efficiency and dust holding capacity.

Immediate, measurable energy savings are achieved due to the low initial pressure drop of our filters. Installations using correctly fitted SFP filters will therefore benefit from significant cost savings per Pascal.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Industrial Intake / Exhaust
Clean Room
Spray Booth and Oven Installation