Absolute (Multiwedge/HEPA) Filters

A range of high efficiency filters specifically designed to collect airborne contaminants such as toxic dust, filterable viruses, bacteria and mists.

SFP offer a cost effective high air volume capacity HEPA filter for extended life and significant energy savings at increased air flow.

The water repellent, fire retardant core is treated with anti-fungicide and sealed into a wooden or steel casing before being fully DOP scanned and tested to guarantee a quality product every time.

Our Deep Pleat Hepa is constructed from microfine glassfibre paper, precisely pleated to present an extended core surface area which is reinforced with craft paper or aluminium for extra rigidity to ensure the entire filter surface is utilised with minimum resistance.

absolute (multiwedge/hepa) filters

Technical Data for Absolute (Multiwedge/HEPA) Filters

F6 – U17

High Efficiency

Efficient to 0.3Microns

Inlet/Outlet Applications

DOP Tested

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