Compact High Efficiency Rigid Bag Filters

SFP compact rigid bag filters provide up to 18m2 surface area using the latest mini-pleat technology. They are designed to provide high efficiency filtration in air conditioning systems where space is limited and high air volume is required.

The pleated filter packs are produced from high efficiency, water-repellent glassfibre paper, finely pleated and precisely spaced to maximise surface area. The packs are assembled in a V-formation and sealed in a rigid supporting frame capable of withstanding high air turbulence and vibration  allowing for extended service life and equally effective in high humidity conditions.

The SFP/GT-series is specially designed for high burst-pressure installations such as gas turbines

compact high efficiency bag filter

Technical Data for Compact High Efficiency Rigid Bag Filters

F6 – H13

Energy Saving

18m2 Surface Area

18m2 Surface Area

18m2 Surface Area

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