Panel Filters

SFP offer a wide selection of disposable panel filters suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  These versatile panels can be used as a simple, cost effective solution for smaller installations or more commonly as a highly efficient pre-filter in critical applications, significantly extending the service life of premium grade secondary filters.

Available in securely sealed unitary cardboard frames or supported by a stronger punched metal face to provide extra rigidity and stability.  SFP’s coated unitary frame option provides greater strength where particularly damp conditions prevail such as external air handling units.

Glassfibre or thermally bonded synthetic media options are available in a range of efficiencies to meet your individual criteria and specification.

SFP offer aluminium panels with migration free glassfibre media designed for temperatures of up to 300°C.

Panel Filters

Technical Data for Panel Filters

G3 – F5

Glassfibre/Synthetic Core

Fully Disposable

Aluminium/Card Frame

Max Operating Temp 300°C

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